AAA Rating Backs Labor Government’s Budget

The Andrews Labor Government’s record of sound economic management has again been recognised by the leading international credit agencies Moody’s and Standard and Poor, with Victoria retaining its triple-A rating.

Both agencies acknowledged that the Victorian Budget 2019/20 hands down a strong operating surplus and efficiently manages debt, as the Labor Government delivers on its promises to the people of Victoria.

These endorsements were given on the same day the Treasurer handed down his fifth budget, which included record spending across transport, education and health.

Despite a reduction in stamp duty, Victoria’s economy is large and diversified, and has projected annual growth of 2.75 per cent over the next four years.

The endorsements followed the Treasurer’s announcement that more businesses can look forward to tax relief, with the payroll tax-free threshold to be increased by $50,000 to $700,000 by 2022-23.

The regional payroll tax rate will also be cut to 25 per cent of the metropolitan rate by 2022-23, so that eligible regional businesses continue to benefit from the lowest payroll tax rate in the nation.

Since the Labor Government was first elected, Victoria’s economy has contributed almost one-third of national economic growth – well above its share of the country’s population.

This has been a job-driven economic boom – with Victoria contributing more than 40 per cent of all full-time jobs created in the nation.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas

“We’re maintaining Victoria’s triple-A rating as we get on with delivering the major projects and services our growing state needs.”

“Our responsible economic management means businesses will continue to invest in our state, creating more jobs and opportunities for Victorians.”

Ref: Treasurer (on 28 May 2019). AAA Rating Backs Labor Government’s Budget. Retrieved from

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安德鲁斯(Daniel Andrews)工党政府的良好经济管理记录再次得到了国际信贷机构穆迪(Moody)和标准普尔(Standard and Poor)的认可,维多利亚州保持了AAA最高评级。

国际信贷机构穆迪(Moody)和标准普尔(Standard and Poor)都承认,维多利亚州政府的2019-2020财政预算案无疑可以获得强劲的财政盈余并有效管理债务,因为工党政府履行了对维多利亚人民的承诺。

Andrew工党政府关于经济管理的评估再次被国际信用评级机构“Moody’s” 和 “Standard and Poor” 认可背书为“AAA rating”的同一天,州财政部长也传达了他的第五次预算规划,包括在交通、教育以及健康等领域的经济消费情况



到2022- 2023年,偏远地区的工资税率也将降至大都市税率的25%,因此符合条件的偏远地区的企业继续享受最低的国家工资税率。

自工党政府首次当选以来,维多利亚州的经济贡献了近三分之一的澳洲国民经济增长 – 远高于其它州。

这是一个以工作为导向的经济繁荣 – 维多利亚州创造的全职工作岗位占全澳大利亚的40%以上。

引用维省财务部长蒂姆帕拉斯(Tim Pallas)的话



Ref: Treasurer (on 28 May 2019). AAA Rating Backs Labor Government’s Budget. Retrieved from