Amazing Incomplete Home Is “Hottest In Australia”

This unfinished waterfront Brisbane area home is reportedly the most-viewed property in Australia right now.

The huge home under construction at 55 Courageous Court in Newport sits on a huge 3,557 square metre block north of Brisbane, on a spit of land that juts out into the water off of Moreton Bay.

Sitting on the point, it has an enormous boardwalk-style deck that almost completely surrounds the area between home and water, and a dock suitable for a “120-foot superyacht”.

The property is being sold by Innov8 Property Sales Albany Creek. Agent Michael Spillane said it is a very unique piece of real estate.

“To state that this property could never be replaced, never be replicated or never be reconstructed for anywhere near as much as what the owner is expecting is a significant understatement.”

He states that there are over 2,850 square metres “under roof”.

In a Youtube video, Mr Spillane said the quality of construction is unsurpassed, and the owner had “fastidiously overseen every intricate detail of the construction so far”.

The home has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a 10 car garage, 400,000 litre pool, and a “home theatre” area that is claimed to be roomy enough to be a 200-seat concert hall.

There is floor-to-ceiling glass everywhere, outside and inside. The kitchen is on a scale suitable to the rest of the home.

It has 3 ovens, commercial-scale sinks, a vast amount of stone counterspace and cabinetry, and a butler’s pantry.

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据报道, 在布里斯班海滨住宅区这栋未完工的豪宅目前是澳大利亚最受欢迎的。

位于纽波特的55 Courageous Court正在建造的巨大豪宅坐落在布里斯班以北一个3557平方米的街区,突然出现在莫顿湾附近的水域。

它有一个巨大的木板人行走式甲板,几乎完全围绕着豪宅和水之间的区域,以及适合 停泊 “120英尺超级游艇”的码头。

该物业由Innov8 Property Sales Albany Creek出售。经纪人迈克尔斯皮兰说,这是一个非常独特的房地产。

“这栋物业永远不会被替换,永远不会被复制或永远不会被重建,因为无论有多接近业主 的希望都会显的轻描淡写。”






引用: Lonny. (03.03.2019). Amazing Incomplete Home Is “Hottest In Australia”. Retrieved from