Homes for hire: How to make your house work for you



It was during a long drive home after scouring Australia for firm locations and backdrops that television producer Kate Tiller came up with a game-changing idea.


She saw a canyon-sized gap in the market for a one-stop shop where producers like her, along with location scouts, advertisers and brand managers could source the perfect kitchen, garden, family home or mega-mansion backdrop with just the click of a button.


“I still get goosebumps when I think about the hours spent on the road and the challenges of finding locations that met the different styles and tastes of the briefs I was working on,” Tiller says. “There was no way to find a location quickly; it was virtually impossible.”


Fast-forward five years, and Tiller’s light-bulb moment is now A Perfect Space, a curated platform offering homes and spaces for hire, and it’s been feverishly embraced by Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond.

Currently, A Perfect Space has 850 properties listed on its website, but as the industry kicks off again post-COVID and a backlog of productions begin to shoot, Tiller is expanding and encouraging proud home owners to consider listing their houses.


“There’s a misnomer around production that it’s all grand mansions and mega houses, and that’s not the case at all,” she says.


“The highest demand is for the traditional Australian homes with a backyard and garden and some versatility. We are looking for properties where you can shoot multiple scenes in multiple areas of the home, which saves time and money rather than having to shoot across multiple locations. Your home could become a lucrative side hustle”.


On average, a home owner can expect to pocket $2000 a day in Sydney and around $1800 in Melbourne. However, one big name brand recently shelled out a whopping $120,000 to a home owner to host a week-long event.

“I hired out my home for a two-day shoot and pocketed $5000 for two eight-hour days,” Tiller says.


“The production teams are professional and thorough. You’ll leave in the morning, and when you come home, the house is exactly the same as you left it. If the shoot needs to go for a period of time, the producer may offer to put you up in a hotel so they can leave their equipment set up.”


In some cases, it’s not always the entire home that a producer needs; it may be a quirky exterior, a well set out garage or a fabulous garden.


For example, who can forget the iconic apartment of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw? In truth, the interior of the apartment was a studio set, but the now-famous exterior of the Manhattan brownstone is, in fact, a private home that earned its place in pop culture and made the owners a fortune. It is now one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions, even though Carrie never stepped foot inside.

But, how do you know if your home has what it takes?


“Send me your pictures, and let’s have a conversation,” Tiller says.


“We are very production-oriented, so we are looking for practical things like how much access there is for the crew, where the light comes in, high ceilings, if you have access down the back or side, if you’ve got a view or a big man cave.


“We are looking for uniqueness, but we are also looking for versatility, and you don’t have to list the whole home, you might just have a spectacular backyard that you’re interested in hiring.”


The Australian landscape is increasingly popular with big international production companies.

“There’s a lot of interest in rural Australia in productions from India and Hollywood,” Tiller says. “If you look at Victoria, for example, you can get sprawling sand dunes that look like the Middle East, you can film period drama at Beechworth or Bendigo or Ballarat, you can film mountains at Mt Buller. We have a world-class offering for multiple backdrops all in one spot.”


The owner of the Melbourne home Drom Tara, Alex Arnhold, has hosted several shoots. “We initially listed our property on A Perfect Space first and foremost because we are so proud of the property we have created,” Arnhold says of the Brighton house, established in 1900. “It has also become a revenue stream.


“We are proud to share our home with the Australian production industry; it’s always a thrill seeing our property as part of the finished product.”



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