Melbourne’s Getting a Second $450 Million Chinatown

Box Hill is set to be the home of the new Golden Age Group development.

Photography: Courtesy of Golden Age Group

Box Hill will get a major new development following the announcement of the New Chinatown precinct – a $450 million project by hospitality and property development company Golden Age Group (HuTongChina Red). Box Hill is already a hub of Chinese culture in Melbourne – in the 2016 census more than 35 per cent of its residents claimed Chinese ancestry.

New Chinatown will be a hub for food, retail and entertainment with 10,000 square meters of mixed-purpose storefronts over three levels. There will also be a 4000-square-metre “Hawker Hall”, where visitors will find street-style food stalls.

Plans are also in the works for a 1500-square-metre childcare centre, a Chinese language school and bookshop, Chinese herbalists, and a handful of Chinese and Western medicine clinics.

The precinct will sit below two residential towers – also owned by Golden Age Group – that are due to open by the end of the year. Fender Katsalidis Architects will be responsible for both the towers and New Chinatown and will draw inspiration from the southern section of the Yangtze River and Beijing’s grandeur.

New Chinatown is by no means replacing the much-loved and well-established Chinatown of Melbourne’s CBD. The development has an entirely different business model; it occupies a precinct owned exclusively by Golden Age Group, whereas the CBD’s Chinatown is made up of independent proprietors.

Golden Age Group founder Jeff Xu wants the space to be a celebration of Melbourne’s multiculturalism.

“New Chinatown will craft its own identity as the intersection between ancient traditions and modern China; a melting pot where history and the contemporary come together,” said Xu in a statement.

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Box Hill将成为新黄金时代集团发展的基地。

Photography: Courtesy of Golden Age Group

随着新唐人街区的宣布,Box Hill将获得一项重大的新发展 – 由酒店和房地产开发公司Golden Age Group(HuTong,China Red)提供的4.5亿澳元项目。 Box Hill已经成为墨尔本中国文化的中心 – 在2016年的人口普查中,超过35%的居民声称拥有中国血统。

新唐人街将成为食品,零售和娱乐中心,拥有10,000平方米的三层混合商店。还将有一个4000平方米的“ Hawker Hall ”,游客可以在那里找到街头风格的小吃摊。


黄金时代集团 计划在该区域将建两座住宅大楼 – 将于今年年底开工。 Fender Katsalidis Architects(南半球最高大楼-尤里卡的设计师)将同时负责住宅大楼和新唐人街,其设计灵感来源于中国江南和北京的建筑风格。

黄金时代集团认为新唐人街绝不会替代现有的成熟并完善的墨尔本CBD唐人街。新唐人街的开发完全采用了不同与墨尔本CBD唐人街的商业模式,CBD的唐人街则由独立的业主组成。 黄金时代集团的创始人Jeff Xu认为这都是来至于墨尔本的多元文化。

在黄金时代集团的创始人Jeff Xu的一份声明中说 “新唐人街将自己的身份作为古代传统与现代时尚的交汇; 历史与现代的熔炉”。

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