Melbourne’s White Night Brings In Record Crowds

Melbourne’s most iconic park and garden precincts have been transformed into artistic wonderlands for White Night Reimagined, attracting a record 718,000 attendees.

Celebrating its seventh year in 2019, with arguably the most ambitious program to date, White Night Reimagined was a feast for the senses, showcasing a mix of local and international artists. Once again under the stewardship of Artistic Director, David Atkins, White Night Reimagined featured more than fifty program items across artistic installation, projection, puppetry, acrobatics and live performance.

The highlights included the world premiere of Mad Max Fury Road, a three-dimensional interpretation of George Miller’s iconic movie, featuring projection mapping on to the façade of the Royal Exhibition Building, a bespoke soundtrack and pyrotechnics.

At Birrarung Marr, internationally renowned performance company Close Act brought the visually spectacular work Globe. Crowds were left breathless by the 41 acrobatic performers in, on, around and above the mesmerising 16-metre structure, dominating the banks of the Yarra River.

White Night Reimagined was complemented by collaboration with Food and Wine Victoria to deliver a suite of unique culinary adventures, including the White Night Feast and a ‘toastie’ tasting menu across CBD restaurants and bars, while a bespoke music program saw crowds dancing in some of Melbourne’s most loved venues.

The action continued indoors too, with Melbourne’s cultural institutions curating a range of special programming to amplify the artistic program of the three-day festival. Among the most visited were the National Gallery of Victoria, the Melbourne Museum, Supersense at Arts Centre Melbourne and the State Library of Victoria.

A crowd of 100,000 flocked to the city on Thursday, increasing to 275,000 on Friday and 323,000 to close proceedings last night. The total of 718,000 is an increase of 98,000 on the 620,000 attendees from 2018.

Melbourne will welcome a brand-new winter festival in 2020, with the legacy of White Night set to continue in Victoria’s regions as Ballarat prepares to play host on 21 September 2019.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Martin Pakula

“Melbourne has come alive after dark for the last three nights with more than 700,000 people descending on three iconic garden precincts and our cultural institutions for a celebration of art, live performance, music and light projections.”

“Melbourne’s bars, restaurants and hotels have been buzzing in winter thanks to our major events calendar which continue to deliver for locals and visitors alike.”

Quote attributable to White Night Reimagined Artistic Director David Atkins

“Over three nights in three uniquely programmed realms presenting outstanding international acts, breathtaking local works and with White Night’s largest ever crowds this new concept has clearly proven itself a success.”

Ref: Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events (on 25 August 2019). Melbourne’s White Night Brings In Record Crowds. Retrieved from

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2019年澳大利亚墨尔本的不眠之夜(White Night)的人数又创下了新记录

墨尔本最具标志性的公园和花园区已被改造为不眠之夜(White Night )的艺术仙境,吸引了创纪录的718,000名游客。

在2019年,为了庆祝墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night )的第七年,可以说是迄今为止最雄心勃勃的计划,墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night )是一场感官盛宴,展示了当地艺术家和国际艺术家的才华的综合呈现。在艺术总监大卫阿特金斯(David Atkins)的再一次指导下,墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night )在艺术装置,投影,木偶,杂技和现场表演等方面展示了50多个项目。

其中的亮点包括Mad Max Fury Road的全球首映,这是乔治米勒(George Miller)标志性电影的三维电影,投影映射到皇家展览大楼(Royal Exhibition Building)的外观,定制的配乐和烟火。

在Birrarung Marr,国际知名的表演公司Close Act带来了视觉上壮观的作品Globe。 41名杂技表演者在16米高的建筑物上,全方位的演绎了迷人的亚拉河河岸,给观众留下了令人窒息的表演。

美食与维多利亚美酒融合, 为墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night Reimagined)提供了一系列独特的烹饪,包括墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night Reimagined)盛宴和“toastie”品尝菜单。 在墨尔本CBD的餐厅及最受欢迎的酒吧,人们伴随着音乐节目翩翩起舞。

这次为墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night Reimagined)活动也在室内进行,墨尔本的文化机构策划了一系列特别节目,以扩大为期三天的艺术节目。参观人数最多的是维多利亚国家美术馆(National Gallery of Victoria),墨尔本博物馆(Melbourne Museum),墨尔本艺术中心(Arts Centre Melbourne)的Supersense和维多利亚州立图书馆(State Library of Victoria)。


墨尔本将会迎来2020年的全新冬季节日,随着巴拉瑞特(Ballarat)准备在2019年9月21日举办主办,墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night)的传统将在维多利亚地区继续下去。

引用维多利亚旅游,体育和重大活动部部长Martin Pakula的话:



引用墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night Reimagined)艺术总监David Atkins的话:

“超过三个晚上,在三个独特的领域展示了出色的国际表演,令人惊叹的本地作品以及墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night)最大的人群,这个已经证明了墨尔本不眠之夜(White Night)的成功。”

Ref: Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events (on 25 August 2019). Melbourne’s White Night Brings In Record Crowds. Retrieved from