Overseas buyers bought nearly half of Melbourne’s new apartments. China and Southeast Asia investors are taking over Australia and preparing “muffled fortune”!


According to the report on August 16, 2017, foreign buyers have bought 40% of Melbourne’s new apartments so far.

According to the Freedom of Information Act ,from mid-2015, foreign buyers’ investment residential taxes have become a huge cash cow.

Australia is still the second favorite destination for house buyers in China. Compared with China’s housing prices, Australian houses are still very economical for Chinese buyers.

In the past year, the tax has generated more than $ 133 million in revenue for the government.


Real estate consulting firm Charter Keck Cramer found that 40% of new apartments in Melbourne have been sold to offshore buyers.

“The developments in Sydney and Melbourne have reached their peaks , which is not a coincidence, and foreign buyers and developers are getting more and more active in taking participate in that,” said Robert Papaleo, National Executive Director of the company.

Numerous development projects have contributed to the development of the local construction industry, but have also raised concerns about the affordability of housing and the pressures of infrastructure and population growth.

These development projects have also changed the city’s skyline, and overseas investment in construction has begun to increasingly occupy the city of Melbourne over. A Singapore development company is building a huge residential building in Southbank.

A Chinese development company is also building Swanston Central on the edge of Melbourne’s city center, which will accommodate more than 1,000 apartments.


Foreign Investment Review Committee data found that a large number of foreign investment flock to the NSW and VIC, and most of the investment comes from China and Southeast Asia.

Griffith University economist research found that between 2004 and 2014, only a quarter of the growth in house prices in Melbourne and Sydney came from foreign investment.

Victoria State has taxed foreign investors from mid-2015. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of taxed transactions increased by 44% to $4,000.

Professor Phibbs said that these investments also changed the Melbourne Center from other aspects.

For some foreign investors, investing in property is a way of obtaining the right of abode. This is also one of the factors in the soaring population of Melbourne. By the middle of this century, the population in Melbourne will double.

A recent study found that since 2006, the population of Melbourne has grown by one million people.

As the population continues to pour into Melbourne, the livable metropolis, the future demand for the apartments will be more and more.

At present, the main target customers of the apartments are still young, single group. At the same time, the trend of reducing family living areas is more and more obvious, many elderly Australians tend to be replaced to a smaller-area  residence, which will further promote the needs for small apartments.

For developers, so much demand on the apartment buildings enable them to make more efforts on building and developing  small apartments.


Chinese investors’ interest in Australian property will not stop abruptly, Australian property’s attraction still exists, especially in some hot cities like  Melbourne and Sydney, such cities’ real estate still has the appreciation and hedging potential.

For Chinese buyers, the housing prices in domestic first-tier cities such as  Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been far beyond the affordability, and housing prices in these cities have already reached the  ceiling space, while the rent prices  are very low. However , in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the  properties are not only  have more  potential for appreciation,  the rent prices are also keep  increasing.

海外买家购下近一半墨尔本新公寓。中国和东南亚投资者正占领澳洲,预备 “闷声发大财”!







房地产咨询公司Charter Keck Cramer分析发现,墨尔本4成新公寓都被出售给了离岸买家。

公司的全国执行总监Robert Papaleo先生说:“悉尼和墨尔本的开发活动达到顶峰并不是巧合,外国买家和开发商的参与越来越积极。


这些开发项目也改变了城市的天际线,海外投资的建筑已经开始越来越多地占领了墨尔本的城市上空。一家新加坡开发公司正在Southbank建造一栋巨大的住宅建筑Australia 108。

一家中国开发公司也正在墨尔本市中心边缘建造Swanston Central,这里将容纳1000多套公寓。



Griffith University经济学家的研究发现,2004年到2014年之间,墨尔本和悉尼的房价增长中,仅四分之一是来源于外国投资。