Promoting Victoria On The Global Stage

Treasurer Tim Pallas will promote Victoria’s investment opportunities and meet with major industry partners on a two-week international trade mission.

Together with senior leaders from the Treasury Corporation of Victoria, the three-country tour includes stops in London, Madrid, Beijing and Nanjing.

The visit will provide numerous opportunities for engagement with key players in the international business community, helping to generate further overseas investment in Victoria.

The Treasurer will discuss Victoria’s major infrastructure pipeline and plans for more jobs and investment.

Victoria has the fastest growing economy in the nation and has contributed almost a third of national economic growth since the Labor Government was first elected in November 2014 – well above its share of the nation’s population.

More than 478,000 jobs have been created in Victoria over the past five years, with 68 per cent of them full time.

Victoria’s highly skilled workforce and globally-recognised liveability presents many attractive opportunities for international companies to invest in Victoria.

Victoria is now the place to do business, to invest, and most importantly, to secure a job.

Trips such as these, are essential to boosting Victoria’s economic productivity and ensuring our future prosperity.

Quotes attributable to Treasurer Tim Pallas  

“This trade mission is another invaluable opportunity to sell Victoria to key investors and significant players in the global marketplace.”

“As always, our focus will be on driving investment, boosting exports and creating Victorians jobs.”

Ref: Treasurer (28 June 2019). Promoting Victoria On The Global Stage. Retrieved from


现任维多利亚州财务主管的蒂姆帕拉斯Tim Pallas将在两周后的国际贸易代表会谈中推广维多利亚州的投资机会并与主要行业合作伙伴会面。

蒂姆帕拉斯Tim Pallas将与维多利亚财政部的高层领导一起,出访包括伦敦,马德里,北京和南京在内的三国进行贸易洽谈。



维多利亚州是澳大利亚经济增长最快的州,自2014年11月工党政府当选以来,维多利亚州的经济增长几乎占全国经济增长的三分之一 – 远高于其它州。





引用财务主管蒂姆帕拉斯Tim Pallas的原话



Ref: Treasurer (28 June 2019). Promoting Victoria On The Global Stage. Retrieved from