logo-500When talking about Australia’s most famous cites, Sydney and Melbourne must be the ideal choices for people. But the two cities are always compared in different aspects.


Sydney and Melbourne are a pair of natural enemies, who look down upon each other. And this kind of mutually exclusive emotions may be worse than those between Beijing and Shanghai.

If you ask a guy from Sydney or Melbourne: why you people in these two cities hate each other?”

He probably will tell you without  hesitation : “yes, we’re enemies”.

Sydney is often considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world. Although Melbourne is not so cheap, but most people believe that Melbourne is more affordable when compared with Sydney.

2This is a comparison of the main cost of living between Melbourne and Sydney. It comes from the moving service company Santa Fe Wridgways, and the data are provided by Numbeo users statistics. The average cost of living in Sydney and Melbourne is divided into three basic categories: housing, transportation and food.


As can be seen from the chart, the biggest gap between the two cities is the housing rent, Sydney residents need to pay up to 870 Australian dollars per month for a single apartment.

Melbourne is also slightly lower in spending on food and alcohol products than Sydney.

And when you put housing, transportation, and food costs together, moving to Melbourne may save you thousands of dollars a month!


In summary, Melbourne WINS Sydney in the whole price level. Has such a high-quality city attracted you?