Understanding Melbourne’s current Real Estate investment opportunities

One of the questions many people have recently is: “Is it too late for me to invest in real estate in Melbourne”? Are apartments too small to appreciate?” To better understand the situation in Australia’s second-largest real estate market, people who invest in Melbourne real estate have a clearer understanding. This article is designed to give you a detailed explanation of the six most frequently asked questions of real estate investment in Melbourne.

1. What infrastructure is being built near the property I want to buy?

You can visit the website www.infrastructureaustralia.gov.au to find out what is being built or planned in the vicinity. This site contains links to all infrastructure planning departments. Take the current Melbourne investment hotspots Point Cook and Tarneit as an example. Melbourne’s current top priority projects are basically road widening construction in the direction of the Western District. It can be seen that Melbourne has placed the Western District Reconstruction Plan on top priority. Everyone understands that “To create wealth, you must build the road first”, it is inferred that the real estate in southwest Melbourne will be the best investment option.

2. What is happening in the local market?

What is happening in the local area will have a positive direct impact on the real estate market. The best way to understand the local situation is to see it happening in person. Learn about the local business district, look at the style of local businesses, and assess whether the local middle class is already there. You can also go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website www.abs.gov.au to view local demographic data and employment rates. Taking the example of Point Cook, Melbourne’s most recent investment hotspot in the West. According to the website data, Melbourne’s West Side is the most populated area in Melbourne, with an increase of 22,700 in just one year, far more than 17,400 in Melbourne’s inner city. At the same time, Melbourne’s fastest growing population has reached 3.3%. Point Cook’s population growth rate is 8.7%. The rapid increase in population proves that there will be an increasing demand for houses in this area, so as to see the value-added possibilities of real estate in this area.


3. How is the house rental return potential?

If an investment advisor tells you that a week's rent for a property is AUD $400, be aware that this does not always mean that the property will certainly receive this and that, this is usually an estimate. Investors can use Domain Network and Real estate Network to check the rent of similar local houses, or ask independent agencies to do rent evaluation. The rental price of a property is often an estimate and always is some deviations, but the estimation of rent can help investors get a more accurate valuation.
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4. What is a competitive market?
If there are too many investors in a market, this will often reduces rental returns; this will also cause a decrease with asset appreciation. Investors can contact the local government to find out how many homes there are in an area. Investors need to pay attention to those areas that have a large number of investment properties. If investors make up a large part of the market, this will cause competition in the rental market and will cause increased competition if they try to sell their property.

5. How is the status of the real estate fee?
Investors who purchase a apartment are required to outlay fees for body corporate council and water rates a annually. These fees are deposited into a sinking fund to cover the maintenance costs of elevators, floors, and carpets. As well as pay agent management fees which usually run at about 6~7% of the monthly rental.


6. How is the value of a property estimated?
The price of a property is often not necessarily its real value, but an estimate. Investors can apply for property valuation to ascertain the current value of a property from a sworn valuer. Melbourne’s current housing market shows that apartment projects often estimate 30% lower than the sale price, so when making a loan, valuations are often lower than the selling price. Investors often have to prepare more cash. The reason for it is that the value of the land that he maintains, and the valuation of the loan can basically estimate the selling price. Therefore, before buying a house, an independent, certified appraiser is commissioned to assess the value of the house, which can be used to simply prove whether the investment house is worthwhile and reduce investment risks. What needs to be noted here is that we must choose a professional institution.



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很多人最近的问题之一是:“我投资墨尔本的房地产为时已晚!”?“是不是升值空间已经太小了?” 为了更好地了解澳大利亚第二大房地产市场的情况,投资墨尔本房地产的人们有了更清晰的了解。本文旨在为您详细解释墨尔本房地产投资六大常见问题。

  1. 购置物业附近在建什么

您可以访问网站www.infrastructureaustralia.gov.au以了解附近正在建设或计划的项目。该网站包含所有基础设施规划部门的链接。以目前的墨尔本投资热点Point Cook和Tarneit为例。墨尔本目前最优先的项目基本上是西部方向的道路扩建工程。可以看出,墨尔本已将西区重建计划放在首要位置。每个人都明白,“要致富,先修路”,据推测,墨尔本西南部的房地产将是最好的投资选择


  1. 当地的房地产市场在发生着什么

当地发生的事情将对房地产市场产生积极的直接影响。了解当地情况的最好方法就是亲眼目睹它的发生。了解当地商业区,了解当地商业风格,并评估当地中产阶级是否已经在那里。您也可以前往澳大利亚统计局网站www.abs.gov.au查看当地人口统计数据和就业率。以墨尔本最近在西方的投资热点库克角为例。根据网站数据显示,墨尔本西区是墨尔本人口最多的地区,短短一年时间内就增加了22,700人,远远超过墨尔本市内17400人。与此同时,墨尔本增长最快的人口已达到3.3%。其中Point Cook的人口增长率是8.7%。人口的快速增长证明,这一地区的房屋需求将会增加,从而看到房地产在这一领域的增值可能性。


  1. 地产物业的租金回报潜力怎么样


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  1. 房地产市场竞争多大

如果市场上有太多投资者,这往往会降低租金回报; 这也会导致资产增值下降。投资者可以联系当地政府了解当地有多少房屋。投资者需要关注那些拥有大量投资物业的地区。如果投资者占据了很大一部分市场,这将导致租赁市场的竞争,如果他们试图出售他们的财产将导致竞争加剧。




  1. 房地产费用状况如何



  1. 房产物业值多少



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